Lately a lot of things have been going on and it’s been an extremely intensive week for me. I’ve been craving for this moment when I can finally focus on doing things I love and share this very special look with you.

So are you eager to know what’s so special about it? Well, one of the reasons this outfit is exclusive to me is that it absolutely reflects the way I feel and defines my mental attitude. I mean, to some extent, it embodies such features as softness and femininity, brightness, vibrancy and sophistication. If you’ve been following my blog, you are well aware that these are the qualities I’ve been trying to evoke. What is more, this dress was sewed for me as I had designed it myself, using some ideas from the vintage forties as well as some early fall trends.

As for colour, I kind of like to keep things light, or probably pink is as colourful as I get. Anyway, there’s always a pink for every occasion.

Summing up, even if your life has become as crazy as mine and you keep running around all the time ( I know having a beauty healthy routine is a challenge), make sure you look as well as feel your best. Hope you like this outfit. Talk to you soon!

Outfit of the day:

DRESS – Special

SHOES – Clarks

CARDIGAN – United Colors of Benetton


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With academic year looming I’ve found myself totally focused on my studies, making plans and setting goals.

Whatever others may say, I believe university is a place where ideas breed, talents are discovered and brains are challenged. It’s where you build up a group of friends, who can come into your life for a lifetime. It’s also a time of new experiences and free spirited adventure, a time when we grow as individuals.

To some extent, student life has also determined my behaviour and appearance. Lately I’ve noticed that unconditionally I’ve been favoring the preppy style more and more frequently.

Preppy is also known as the Ivy style, as it is primarily associated with the Ivy League. It takes on traditional looks, which makes it perennially stylish and elegant.

When I was in high school, I used to watch “Gossip Girl” almost every day after classes. And sometimes I wasn’t even listening to the dialogues and completely wasn’t paying attention to the plot, it was the Ivy clothing that fascinated me.

Anyway I think today it’s not about being a part of a certain elite class or going to an Ivy League university, it’s about making statements, reinforcing your self-views and communicating your attitudes and values to others.

I guess some of you may prefer jumpsuits and hoodies, but personally I absolutely love the preppy style.

Outfit of the day:

BLOUSE – Ralph Lauren


CARDIGAN – Ralph Lauren

OXFORD SHOES – Double you

HEADBAND – Accessorize


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Traffic. Lights. Hurry. Most of us are used to what is called an urban lifestyle, we communicate, but do not intrude, we cooperate, and still keep our lives private, we look up at the sky, having big plans in mind, dreaming and idealizing, and nevertheless are reluctant to move out of our comfort zone. You may deny and I won’t persuade you as well as I won’t generalize or judge anyone. What I really wanna say is that all of us are looking at life through the prism of our thoughts and experiences. Instead of facing realities we are just looking at the ideas of things, building paper houses, paper relationships, paper towns, they are so shaky, that could fall apart if we changed our perception.

I mean, at some point, everyone has to stretch their limits and get into the flow of things feeling confident and optimistic, having the ability to laugh at the realities of life, having the courage to break the paper towns. Today I feel this need especially strongly, and  I’m pleased to share it with you.

Or maybe I’ve used it as an excuse to show you a way of styling this gorgeous backpack  I’m totally in love with.

Hope you love it! xoxo

Outfit of the day:


JUMPER – Mango


SKIRT – Asos

SHOES – Next

SCARF – Tom Tailor







As the autumn approaches with its gold rainy days, long nights and harvest festivals, we adjust our lives, our mind and our rhythm to the forthcoming changes. Some of us are already back at school after a summer break, others have been preparing themselves for the academic year for a while now and there are also those, who get their career back on track.

But these are not the only things that change. Clothes aren’t left out as well. I believe something in the air brings out the new colours in everything, all of us just need a spark of inspiration.

And when it comes to colors, may I suggest that jewels tones are never a bad way to go. This time it is emerald that inspired me to wear this exclusive emerald green dress. Being a part of an elegant pantone , in comparison with bold colour statements it seems lush and natural with its cool touch of chic and effortless sophistication.

Personally I love fall clothing, and a lot of different ideas are about to appear in the new posts. So when you get a minute, prepare your closet for the next season, kick out leather tops and plan your wardrobe essentials. Choose well, and stick to your personal style. And most importantly, keep in mind Yves Saint Laurent’s words: “ Fashions fade, style is eternal” .

Outfit of the day:

DRESS – Exclusive


JACKET – More & More

BAG – Volker Lang

BOOTIES – Jonny’s





2The other day, I was messing around, combining prints, mixing textures and patterns, having fun and not expecting anything. I love to see people who are adventurous and experimental, reckless and bold, but frankly speaking I’ve never tried to be like that, it just doesn’t feel like me. In everyday life my style is quite simple and minimalist. Considering the above mentioned you can imagine, how astonished I was to discover a style where my affinity for anything beaded, floral, sequined, baggy and embroidered perfectly fits in.

Have you already guessed what’s on my mind? Alluring. Astonishing. Impeccable. Eye-catching. Unique. All of these describe Bohemian Chic, also called “ a gypsy style”, it doesn’t know any limits, drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences.

I’ve been inspired by such classic icons , as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, as well as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and lately Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whose bohemian style is always on point.

Having been repeatedly re-surfaced in varying guises, boho chic has become shatteringly cool and almost ubiquitous. Printed maxi dress, gladiator sandals, baggy cardigans, a floppy hat, a fringe bag, chunky earrings, every style of boot imaginable may help you express your free spirit. These trends aren’t dying anytime soon and might become some of the wardrobe staples. 

I’ve been trying to meld bohemia and glamour and I’m pleased to share with you this outfit.

If you are a profound romantic ( I admit to being one), inspired by far-off lands and eager to create your own world, boho chic might be the perfect choice for you.

Outfit of the day:

CARDIGAN – Top Secret

VEST – Ralph Lauren

SKIRT – Divided by H&M

BOOTIES – Jonny’s

NECKLACE – Stradivarius

EARRINGS – Accessories