Hope you had a nice weekend, for me it was the busy one, I spent it thinking about new style ideas, overhauling my wardrobe and getting ready for my acquaintance with you guys!

August, known as the season of last minute holidays, fun and festivals comes round quick – and it brings us new inspirations. Thus I think it’s definitely the best time to get the Seventies look everyone is so obsessed with and understand the era of peace, funky clothes, hippie bohemia and funny sitcoms.

The way they change trends and eras in high fashion has always amazed me – especially the fact, that everything seems to be similar to what it was in the last century. However, I’ve changed my perspective lately and it has become an opportunity to get to know something about fashion history and develop my individual style. And if I were to choose once and for all, it would always be the 40s without a doubt.( I hope this secret is safe with you)

Anyway, this summer it’s all about the 70s, languorous chiffons and decadent silks came into our lives. The spirit of Talitha Getty is everywhere, with it’s shimmy chunky necklaces and fringe mules. How do you feel about the change? 

Surprisingly, I’m eager to experiment, but certainly still hesitant to go full-on fringe 😉 Despite having an affection for everything new and trendy, I believe everyone should maintain their personal styleFor this reason I’ve “updated” the 70s styling making it more romantic and lovely and I am glad to share it with you.

Outfit of the day:

VEST- Basic H&M


CARDIGAN – Street One

FRINGE BAG – Ralph Lauren


NECKLACE – Stradivarius