Today I’m going to start off with a brief note of encouragement. Let me persuade you to take a break and have a fulfilling weekend I’m sure we all deserve.

I don’t know about you, but it always seems to me there’s plenty of time to enjoy my days off and probably that’s the reason I postpone or let go some dreams and desires. This summer there is also a list of things I haven’t done ( despite having planned), which includes going on a bike ride and to a festival. Although these are ordinary things, they still can make the days count. And the truth is, most of us have “failed” plans like that. 

So this morning I woke up feeling enthusiastic and ready to do as much as possible to avoid late summer regretsThis intense spirit of passion and impatience has also extended into fashion, inducing me to foster creativity and create this sophisticated look.

Inspired by the 70s decade, I was wearing a green skirt with pockets, which is perfectly tailored and adorable. I completed the look with a colorful necklace and a silk headband and slipped on a pair of wooden wedge sandals.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, from playing badminton to organizing a picnic, these style ideas may be useful in every scenario.

Enjoy your weekend!

Outfit of the day:

TOP – Ralph Lauren

SKIRT – United Colors of Benetton

SANDALS – Marc O’Polo