As the autumn approaches with its gold rainy days, long nights and harvest festivals, we adjust our lives, our mind and our rhythm to the forthcoming changes. Some of us are already back at school after a summer break, others have been preparing themselves for the academic year for a while now and there are also those, who get their career back on track.

But these are not the only things that change. Clothes aren’t left out as well. I believe something in the air brings out the new colours in everything, all of us just need a spark of inspiration.

And when it comes to colors, may I suggest that jewels tones are never a bad way to go. This time it is emerald that inspired me to wear this exclusive emerald green dress. Being a part of an elegant pantone , in comparison with bold colour statements it seems lush and natural with its cool touch of chic and effortless sophistication.

Personally I love fall clothing, and a lot of different ideas are about to appear in the new posts. So when you get a minute, prepare your closet for the next season, kick out leather tops and plan your wardrobe essentials. Choose well, and stick to your personal style. And most importantly, keep in mind Yves Saint Laurent’s words: “ Fashions fade, style is eternal” .

Outfit of the day:

DRESS – Exclusive


JACKET – More & More

BAG – Volker Lang

BOOTIES – Jonny’s