With academic year looming I’ve found myself totally focused on my studies, making plans and setting goals.

Whatever others may say, I believe university is a place where ideas breed, talents are discovered and brains are challenged. It’s where you build up a group of friends, who can come into your life for a lifetime. It’s also a time of new experiences and free spirited adventure, a time when we grow as individuals.

To some extent, student life has also determined my behaviour and appearance. Lately I’ve noticed that unconditionally I’ve been favoring the preppy style more and more frequently.

Preppy is also known as the Ivy style, as it is primarily associated with the Ivy League. It takes on traditional looks, which makes it perennially stylish and elegant.

When I was in high school, I used to watch “Gossip Girl” almost every day after classes. And sometimes I wasn’t even listening to the dialogues and completely wasn’t paying attention to the plot, it was the Ivy clothing that fascinated me.

Anyway I think today it’s not about being a part of a certain elite class or going to an Ivy League university, it’s about making statements, reinforcing your self-views and communicating your attitudes and values to others.

I guess some of you may prefer jumpsuits and hoodies, but personally I absolutely love the preppy style.

Outfit of the day:

BLOUSE – Ralph Lauren


CARDIGAN – Ralph Lauren

OXFORD SHOES – Double you

HEADBAND – Accessorize


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