Lately a lot of things have been going on and it’s been an extremely intensive week for me. I’ve been craving for this moment when I can finally focus on doing things I love and share this very special look with you.

So are you eager to know what’s so special about it? Well, one of the reasons this outfit is exclusive to me is that it absolutely reflects the way I feel and defines my mental attitude. I mean, to some extent, it embodies such features as softness and femininity, brightness, vibrancy and sophistication. If you’ve been following my blog, you are well aware that these are the qualities I’ve been trying to evoke. What is more, this dress was sewed for me as I had designed it myself, using some ideas from the vintage forties as well as some early fall trends.

As for colour, I kind of like to keep things light, or probably pink is as colourful as I get. Anyway, there’s always a pink for every occasion.

Summing up, even if your life has become as crazy as mine and you keep running around all the time ( I know having a beauty healthy routine is a challenge), make sure you look as well as feel your best. Hope you like this outfit. Talk to you soon!

Outfit of the day:

DRESS – Special

SHOES – Clarks

CARDIGAN – United Colors of Benetton


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